Oil well cementing foam wiper ball

Oil well cementing foam wiper ball has been manufacturing by Merit Plant since year of 2005. As you know that Merit made units are having applications from Mexico to Norway onshore and offshore platforms. Therefore our items known well in oil and gas sectors worldwide. By the way oil well cementing industry also uses our foam wiper balls well since 2005. Because of that we are experienced in UAE, USA, AU, KZ, NO, SK, JP, RU, IQ and many more markets.

Oil well cementing foam wiper ball merit

We shared a technical data sheet for oil well cementing foam wiper ball below. Please select your convenient one to request a price and delivery quote. If you need any assistance for after cementing procedures, please ask us openly. We are experienced in the oil well plants more than 11 years. We are open mind as like as you. We can share every thing with you for each other mutual success.

Merit is designing oil well cementing foam wiper ball for better wipe out transaction. It is using in the field of after cementing application. It is useable under the ground or near the surface cementation work. This foam ball unit is having MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for drilling operation. The certification signed  by third party agency. The reason why we are entering whole world oil well plants.

6 wiper ball drilling

Our items have certified Material Safety Data Sheet by world one of the prominent third party certification agent. All the criteria needed by the oil field and gas field industry get certified for Merit foam wiper ball. MSDS original document to be ship to the oil field and gas field by the realized order signature. When you want to make an enquiry please look our attached catalog and select your needed size and type. Then please send us its part number. The number begins with WP100…..Merit’s oil field drill pipe foam wiper ball uses in the Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Canada, United States of America, Malaysia, Singapore, Lebanon, Jordan, Venezuela, Mexico, Russian Federation, Australia and many other oil and gas plantations.