Ball wiper drilling cementing Myanmar

Ball wiper drilling cementing Myanmar oil and gas industry.

152016 ball wiper drilling cementing Myanmar oil and gas industry with MSDS.

152015 ball wiper drilling cementing Myanmar oil and gas industry.

7 inch foam cement wiper balls for drilling, casing, cementing apps.

ball wiper drilling cementing Myanmar 152016

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Foam rubber wiper balls for drilling and cementing applications. We got many more customers which thanks over our item worldwide. Customers wrote us pages of pages thanking emails and regular mails since 2005. They told us after our wiper ball they get minimise their cost for after cementing job. Our pipe wiper secure and safe.

Drilling foam wiper ball. Drilling foam wiper ball by Merit is a wiping out item for drill pipe and casing after each cementing job. After finish the cement press, operator put foam wiper ball into pipe or casing to clean out it. It is very hard and vital job for the success of drilling.

A foam wiper ball we produce is workable from -40 centigrade to 300 centigrade as pratic. But nominal flash point of our foam wiper ball is higher than this. We certified it with MSDS. MSDS means Material Safety Data Sheet. Our MSDS updated 27-01-2015
after independent laboratory test and experiment.
We are supplying well drill foam wiper ball to oil and gas sector since 2005. We got very great result from our customers worldwide Texas, Ontario, Mexico, Erbil, Dubai, Sharjah, Oman, Jakarta, Nilai, Perth, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, etc.

Burma, officially known as Myanmar, is a developing country and an important natural gas and petroleum producer in Asia. It is home to one of the world’s oldest petroleum industries, with its first crude oil exports dating back to 1853.[1] Today, the country is one of the major natural gas producers in the Asian continent.[2]

Myanmar is one of the world’s oldest oil producers; exporting its first barrel of crude in 1853. Despite this, its upstream sector is still in its infancy. This is due to a number of factors: sanctions, opaque regulatory policy and insufficient investment have all hindered Myanmar’s efforts to realise its oil and gas potential. Since the lifting of sanctions by the US and European Union in 2012, Myanmar has taken active steps to reform its foreign investment laws and has held a number of successful international bid rounds for onshore and offshore oil and gas blocks.