Merit foam rubber wiper ball

Merit foam rubber wiper ball for drilling and cementing applications. Best solutions for well drilling cementing pipe wipe out. We got many more customers which thanks over our item worldwide. Our foam ball customers wrote us pages of pages thanking emails and regular emails since year 2005. They told us after our wiper ball they get minimise their cost for after cementing job. Our pipe wiper secure and safe wipe out.

Merit foam rubber wiper ball applicable for all after cementing jobs safe. It easily and safely would be down to drill pipe and casing pipe securely. Save your workmanship. Save operational costs.

Genuine and MSDS Merit foam rubber wiper ball to be ship United Arab Emirates, Canada, Oman, United States, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Gulf of Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Sweden, Finland, etc.

Merit foam rubber wiper ball  drill pipe


These foam wipe out cement ball in liner cementing are made of natural rubber and can be used in a temperature range of 40°F (4°C) to 302°F (150°C). The ball has a parting stretch of 380 to 440%, which means it can pass through small restrictions without being damaged.

Merit advises you to make a better cleaning cement inside drill pipes, after cement sent into drill pipe, it needs o be wiper out drilling pipe inside surface fine. If not rigs are not working well. It causes malfunction and deformation in the drilling works. Merit’s foam wiper ball drill pipe provides you better wiping out inside of the drilling pipe after downing of cement. Merit’s certified wiper balls make you pipe 100 percent wiped out. It is experienced by all users from all over the world of oil and gas industry. They confirmed that 100 percent wiping of drill pipes only provided these Merit’s drilling foam balls. It guarantees 0 percentage of remains of cement in the drilling pipes. Opens ways to go rig to make health go down and back up. You saved thousand of thousands US$ with Merit’s drill pipe foam wiper balls in you plants.