Cleaning cement inside drill pipes after cementing job

Cleaning cement inside drill pipes after cementing job. The Merit’s foam wiper balls wiping out perfectly cement and debris from drilling pipes. After you made drilling and downing pipes to land, you makes cementing to the outside of drill pipe. This cementing stabilizing drill pipe to the earth. Because drilling rigs need fix firing to work hard and zero problem.

To make a better cleaning cement inside drill pipes, after cement sent into drill pipe, it needs o be wiper out drilling pipe inside surface fine. If not rigs are not working well. It causes malfunction and deformation in the drilling works. Merit’s foam wiper ball drill pipe provides you better wiping out inside of the drilling pipe after downing of cement. Merit’s certified wiper balls make you pipe 100 percent wiped out. It is experienced by all users from all over the world of oil and gas industry. They confirmed that 100 percent wiping of drill pipes only provided these Merit’s drilling foam balls. It guarantees 0 percentage of remains of cement in the drilling pipes. Opens ways to go rig to make health go down and back up. You saved thousand of thousands US$ with Merit’s drill pipe foam wiper balls in you plants.

Cleaning cement inside drill pipes  by foam wiper ball


To provide cleaning cement inside drill pipes, you only need Merit’s foam wiper balls. Where ever you are being located or making drilling in the world, we guarantee to reach the foam wiper to you. Every time even Saturday we can making shipment to make delivery less than regular. From year 2005 until now Merit’s foam wiper balls used in Norway, Russia, Iraq, Thailand, Australia, United States, Oman,Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Nigeria, Sudan, Venezuela, Mexico, and all oil & gas producing countries. Our foam wiper balls used in on shore and off shore with success. sister link to this article.