Cleaning cement inside drill pipe

Cleaning cement inside drill pipe, cleaning cement in drill pipe for drilling foam wiper ball by Merit is a wiping out item for drill pipe and casing after each cementing job. After finish the cement press, operator put foam wiper ball into pipe or casing to clean out it. It is very hard and vital job for the success of drilling.

Our cleaning cement inside drill pipe,cleaning cement in drill pipe foam wiper ball is producing under internal specification formulation. It is a sofisticated only for drilling and cementing post application land and sea well. Elasticity of the foam wiper ball is proper nominal 1 inch minimal. Sector accepts 25,4mm pipe to minimize for piping as known.

Cleaning cement inside drill pipe by Merit

A cleaning cement inside drill pipe,cleaning cement in drill pipe foam wiper ball we produce is workable from -40 centigrade to 300 centigrade as pratic. But nominal flash point of our foam wiper ball is higher than this. We certified it with MSDS. MSDS means Material Safety Data Sheet. Our MSDS updated 27-01-2015 after independent laboratory test and experiment.

Foam wiper balls operation tubing drill pipe is also used in Los Angeles. Oil platform operators sent us his thanks. Before our foam wiper ball the were faced very problems after cementing. They could not wipe out cement and debris inside drilling pipe and casing cylinders. But after they informed about Merit’s drill pipe foam wiper ball. They contact with us. Request a quote. We quoted him. Then shipped him wiper ball. After using of Merit’s foam ball when finish the cement down. They wipe the drill pipe with our cementing wiper ball. Get best wipe out inside surface result. Solved all their old problem. He saved money and time for his cement wiping job.The wiper ball also kept inside surface from corrosion and deformation.

We are supplying well drill foam wiper ball to oil and gas sector since 2005. We got very great result from our customers worldwide Texas, Ontario, Mexico, Erbil, Dubai, Sharjah, Oman, Jakarta, Nilai, Perth, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, etc.