11 inch foam wiper ball

11 inch foam wiper ball, 280mm or 11in, that we use for Cementing Rig hole in oil fields located Iraq, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom.

The 11 inch foam wiper ball, 11in or 280mm, are designed to wipe drillpipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids, or debris, and can be used to separate fluids. 11 years proven quality application in oil platforms.

 11 inch Foam Wiper Ball Merit

Foam wiper balls operation tubing drill pipe in Canada, Mexico Gulf experienced with perfect results..

Foam wiper balls operation tubing drill pipe after cementing job. MSDS certified for Merit’s 11 inch foam wiper ball.

Foam wiper balls operation tubing drill pipe is also used in Los Angeles. Oil platform operators sent us his thanks. Before our foam wiper ball the were faced very problems after cementing. They could not wipe out cement and debris inside drilling pipe and casing cylinders. But after they informed about Merit’s drill pipe foam wiper ball. They contact with us. Request a quote. We quoted him. Then shipped him wiper ball. After using of Merit’s foam ball when finish the cement down. They wipe the drill pipe with our cementing wiper ball. Get best wipe out inside surface result. Solved all their old problem. He saved money and time for his cement wiping job.The wiper ball also kept inside surface from corrosion and deformation. This saved him thousand of US dollars same time.

LA oil field also prefer Merit’s foam wiper balls. You can save thousand of thousands United States dollars in your oil and gas platforms.

LA foam wiper balls to ship Los Angeles by MERIT. This wiping foam ball is very chosen by well drilling operators.

LA bought foam wiper balls multiple size balls from us for their tubing and drill pipe.