Drill pipe wiper

Drill pipe wiper is main item after cementing drill pipe wiping job. It is wiping perfectly the inside drill pipe from cement remains wet before it get dry. This job is vital for pipe liquid pump and suction. If any remains stay within the pipe line, it will kill the drilling job. Then it will cause thousands dollar of financial loss.

Drill pipe wipers

We, Merit Automotive, manufacture drill pipe wiper since 2005. Our wipers granted MSDS with high point of excellence. When you use our wiping item after cementing, you are protecting your business and your money.

Our manufactured drill pipe wiper is using in the oilfields located in the countries of USA, Russian Federation, Australia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Singapore, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain, India, Nigeria, Norway, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico with great pleasure.

One of the our customer from UAE said me in our annual meeting that with our pipe wiper he saved about #18,000.00US$ by prevent drill pipe defection with our wiping item.