Wiper foam ball

Wiper foam ball for drill pipe cementing.

Wiper foam ball for drill pipe cement

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LA wiper foam ball.

LA foam wiper balls to ship Los Angeles.

LA foam wiper balls multiple size balls for Tubing and Drill pipe.

Wiper balls Norway.

Wiper balls Norway shipping.

Wiper balls Norway material.

MSDS certified.

* These wiper balls are made of natural rubber and can be used in a temperature range of – 40°C to 300°C.
** The ball has a parting stretch of 380 to 440%, which means it can pass through small restrictions without being damaged.

*** The ball may be damaged when pumped through restrictions as small as those listed in this column.
**** The foam wiper ball is designed to wipe drill pipe or tubing string clean of cement, fluids, or debris, and can be used to separate fluids.